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Transforming Public Safety
July 10, 2024
"Next Generation 9-1-1 Connected PSAP Roundtable" at AutoTech: Detroit 2024.
AutoTech: Detroit, Connected Safety Group, COVESA, Events, News
Scalable AOSP App Development
July 01, 2024
How the AOSP App Framework Standardization Expert Group supports digital experiences and IVI innovation.
AOSP, BMW, FORVIA, General Motors
Central Data Service Playground Release
June 19, 2024
Announcing the release of the Central Data Service Playground (CDSP) version v0.1.0.
BMW, Central Data Service Playground, COVESA, Ford, Projects, RemotiveLabs, Renesas
AutoTech: Detroit Reception Shines
June 13, 2024
The 10th annual COVESA Showcase and Reception at AutoTech: Detroit welcomed over 960 attendees.
AutoTech: Detroit, COVESA, Events, News
COVESA Roundtable: AOSP
May 31, 2024
COVESA members FORVIA and share their insights on the current gaps in the AOSP App Framework.
AOSP, FORVIA,, Roundtable
Member Profile - MOTER
April 23, 2024
With Michael O’Shea, Chief Sales Officer, MOTER Technologies.
Member Profile
White Paper: Why COVESA
April 22, 2024
The Road Ahead: Tackling the Opportunities and Challenges of Connected Vehicles
Spotlight on VSS featuring RemotiveLabs
April 16, 2024
The webinar focuses on hands-on demos and how RemotiveLabs Platform caters to emitting Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) with interactive LUA scripting using CLI.