AutoTech: Detroit Reception Shines

The 10th annual COVESA Showcase and Reception at AutoTech: Detroit was a resounding success thanks to the dedication of our sponsors, presenters, and team! The event welcomed over 960 attendees. Highlights included a VIP panel on automotive innovation featuring industry leaders from Ford, AWS, Bosch, Qualcomm, and Qt Group and the celebration of Wards Auto’s 100th anniversary.

VSS Remotive Labs
June 13, 2024
Steve Crumb


Just hours before the 10th annual COVESA Showcase and Reception on the first evening of AutoTech: Detroit that took place on June 5-6, 2024, the sky appeared to be falling. Strong winds and typhoon-like rain persisted for nearly an hour. Fortunately, the weather cleared, allowing COVESA to welcome over 960 attendees to our four-hour event.

As always, COVESA deeply appreciates the event sponsors (see below) and those who presented their products and services to the record crowd. Your support and dedication are the foundation of our successful events! Pictures of the event can be found here.

Thank you, Sponsors!

The event kicked off with a VIP Panel, sponsored by Qt Group, discussing “Unveiling the Future of Automotive Innovation: Exploring the Software-Defined Vehicle.” The panel was represented by Ford, AWS, Bosch, and Qualcomm, along with Qt Group, with nearly 150 VIP guests in attendance. As the event progressed, both venue floors were filled with people networking and learning about the innovative products and services COVESA members offer the automotive industry. The day also marked the 100th anniversary of Wards Auto, a sister organization of Informa.

Thanks to Mike Nunnery’s creative preparation, participants enjoyed a beautiful cake to celebrate this milestone and presented other desserts. Fiona Kyle, Executive Leader of Informa, gave a brief speech and cut the cake to much fanfare, adding to the enjoyment of a great dessert table!

Despite the weather, the event received much positive feedback, and COVESA is deeply grateful to the sponsors and Mike and his team for executing another successful showcase.


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