COVESA Roundtable: AOSP

COVESA members FORVIA and share their insights on the current gaps in the AOSP App Framework.

Learn more and join our AOSP App Framework Standardization Group. The goal is to minimize fragmentation in automotive to facilitate and attract a wide variety of apps that may be deployed on vehicles from any manufacturer.

Michael O'Shea
May 31, 2024


What are the current gaps in the AOSP App Framework?

Gabriel Gautron, Innovation and Partnerships Manager, FORVIA

The AOSP for automotive is a fast-growing ecosystem! While we are already convinced AOSP is the platform of the future for Automotive, we need to ensure app developers can easily create new awesome experiences and business models: the success of this ecosystem relies on the quality of its applications.

Push notification infrastructure and payments are key features for developers, enabling retention and revenues. Access to cameras, APIs, and entertainment are also part of our initial focus. Then, handling user identity through biometric solutions offered in the vehicle will likely become a new important enabler: if your phone unlocks features when it recognizes you, why not your car?

At Forvia, we are very proud to energize this ecosystem with our role of co-chair in the COVESA AOSP standardization group, but also as COVESA board members! Besides that, our white-label app store is definitely the evidence that we believe in AOSP and that we are part of the journey!

Vamsi Putrevu, CTO,

Standardized Payment APIs: Introduce standardized payment APIs within the AOSP that provide common interfaces for integrating various payment methods, including in-app purchases, subscriptions, and third-party payment gateways. This would simplify payment integration for developers and promote consistency across different apps.

Improved Security Features: Enhance security features within the payment APIs to ensure the safe handling of sensitive payment information. This includes built-in support for tokenization and compliance with industry security standards like PCI DSS.


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