Accelerating the future of connected vehicles

COVESA is an open, collaborative, and impactful technology alliance; accelerating the full potential of connected vehicles. 

Working together, we are a force-multiplier, creating a more diverse, sustainable, and integrated mobility ecosystem.
Our Purpose
The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA), is a global, member-driven alliance focused on the development of open standards and technologies that accelerate innovation for connected vehicle systems, resulting in a more diverse, sustainable, and integrated mobility ecosystem.
COVESA is the only alliance focused solely on developing open standards and technologies for connected vehicles, which now form a growing percentage of vehicles on the road. Leveraging vehicle data and vehicle-to-cloud connectivity has become a primary goal of automakers and their suppliers. 
COVESA is well-positioned as an experienced collaborative community given its strong foundation of introducing the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) and having launched with W3C the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative in 2019. Members are encouraged to build on this foundation by introducing projects that deliver specifications, open source licensed software, and related materials that equip the industry with useful assets for commercial solution development.  
Member Collaboration
COVESA welcomes new members to add to its strong, active base of current members working together to shape the future technologies of connected vehicles and the mobility ecosystem. 
The growing vibrant ecosystem brings buyers and sellers together to accomplish business goals, supporting the adoption of alliance member-driven results. Member contributions also power the future of integrated shared systems that in turn, benefit and complement their own businesses and product priorities.
Learn more on how to get involved in the COVESA Getting Started Guide.
    Collaborative Projects
    COVESA members launch and contribute to a variety of collaborative projects that advance the mobility ecosystem and focus on accelerating connected vehicle systems. 
    COVESA code is openly available on GitHub and more information on COVESA projects can be found on the COVESA Wiki.  
    Join COVESA
    COVESA welcomes collaboration on all connected vehicle projects supporting in-vehicle, on-edge and in-cloud services, interfaces, and data exchange. Members enjoy a variety of benefits including participating in a vibrant buyers and sellers network.
    Organizations interested in joining the Alliance can visit covesa.global/join and information about technical participation in COVESA projects can be found on the COVESA Wiki. COVESA members who are interested in joining the COVESA Marketing Team, please email marketing@covesa.global.