Collaborative Projects


COVESA members launch and contribute to a variety of collaborative projects that advance the mobility ecosystem and focus on accelerating connected vehicle systems. Active projects include:

Data Expert Group

Data Models

Common Vehicle Interfaces 

  • Capability and use case identification.
  • IFEX is a general interface description and transformation technology.
  • uServices is a definition of common vehicle services using protobuf.
  • Vehicle API exposes vehicles as defined and described by VSS to a variety of agreed-upon touchpoints in and out of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Information Service Specification is a joint effort between W3C and COVESA hosted by W3C. It is a service for accessing vehicle information and signals from sensors on control units within a vehicle's network. It exposes this information using COVESA VSS.
  • Data Architecture Terminology drives understanding and adoption of COVESA specifications and technical projects through the definition of reusable common architectural terminology and patterns realized with technical implementations, and proofs of concept.
  • Central Data Service Playground is a neutral playground to investigate internals and combinations of data services on and off of the vehicle in the context of data-centric architectures.

Electric Vehicle Charging Expert Group

Security Team

Automotive AOSP App Framework Expert Group

  • Automotive AOSP App Framework Expert Group identifies gaps between AAOS with GAS and AAOS without and proposes, and specifies and/or develops white label solutions/alternatives. Only topics either not being available for OEMs using AAOS without GAS or not available at all will be tackled within this group to avoid fragmentation across the automotive industry.

Simulation & Tooling

  • aims to support OEMs in the adoption of VSS, SdV, and COVESA standards by making it easy to rapidly explore the feasibility of new business ideas and features through an online playground. 

Vehicle Experience and Content – Entertainment BoF

Commercial Vehicle Birds of a Feather (BoF)

Connected Safety Birds of a Feather (BoF)

  • The goal of the Connected Safety BoF is to help motorists avoid crashes, minimize the consequences of crashes should they happen, and expedite recovery. 

COVESA code is openly available on GitHub and more information on COVESA projects can be found on the COVESA Wiki.  


Learn more on how to get involved in the COVESA Getting Started Guide.